Why should I need to rent your payment gateway?

As policy of Paypal, you must need at least 6 months to build a trusted business/seller account. Besides, there is also risk to get suspended with high risk potential reason.
With our payment gateway, you grow faster.

How long would I receive money from your payment gateway?

The balance on Paypal is separated into 2 part: Immediate available and Reserve hold.
The Immediate available will be counted and withdraw twice a week.
The Reserve hold will be released after 45 days and counted once a month.

Why must I register the product types before selling?

There are some prohibited products that you could NOT sell while renting our payment gateway.
The detail list will be in the Agreement that we need to sign before start our journey.

Could I open multiple stores?

Yes, you could build many brands at the same time, just calculate your effort and resource to get success.

How long do I have to wait to get a store?

After signing arrangement, you could have your own store within 3 days. You will be also trained to manage it in 1 first week.

How much is the fee of renting payment method?

It’s from 5% and basically based on your revenue.

What is the optimation of stores?

Our expert engineers will optimize the store, from the theme, the upsell option, the checkout process… to get you highest conversion rate. Let’s imagine the diffirence between getting 10 orders and 5 orders per 100 visit. That’s your profit!

What information do I need to provide?

Basically your identify and the product type that you aim to sell.

What about the uptime of stores?

Our expert engineers are incharge to keep your traffic alive. The support time is also 24/7.